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GearUp! & Nametags

Employee Uniforms are to be worn ONLY while on duty! They should not be worn for personal use while on property and should not be taken off property except to be laundered.


Uniforms and the Company Grooming Standard

Please follow the link below to view a copy the uniform guidelines as stated in the Employee Handbook

Uniform & Appearance Guidelines

Nametag Request

Employee Nametag Request Form

  • I CHASE cannot be more than 30 characters long

Nametag Department Standard Issue

  •  Name tags are required for all employees on both uniforms and personal attire

  •  Pins and badges not related to the job or to a specific Copper Mountain event or promotion should not be worn with the uniform.

  • Please do not send individuals to Gear Up! for single name tags.

  • A request form must be submitted for ALL employees.


Uniform Checkout Policy 

ALL new employees must have a pdf submitted before a uniform will be issued to them!

Please bring your employee pass or a photo ID with you when you pick up your uniform.


All Uniforms checked out at Gear Up! are company property. When you pick up your uniform each piece will be checked out to you separately. You will be required to sign for the uniform piece(s) and agree to the statements below (taken from the uniform check out agreement):

I understand that the uniform items issued to me:

Are the property of Copper Mountain Resort.

Are ONLY intended for use when on duty.

Are NOT to be worn on days off or during personal ski/snowboard time.

Are NOT to be taken or worn off Copper Mountain Resort premises.

Note:  Copper Mountain Resort employees may take their uniform off premise for laundering purpose only.


I further understand and agree that should any of the items be lost, stolen, damaged or not returned upon separation, I will be fully responsible and charged accordingly.

I also understand and agree that I will be charged for any abuse of the uniform items issued to me such as:

Neglected mending

Neglected Laundering

Tape, cigarette burns etc

Reckless damages such as cuts, tears or holes from ski equipment, rolling cuffs of ski pants etc


Damaged Uniforms

Damage generally occurs from the following:

Employees wearing uniforms that are of an improper fit (primarily outerwear):

Type of Damage: ripped seams, torn/shredded cuffs, grease and dirt that cannot be laundered.

Solution: Please encourage employees to wear uniforms that fit properly.


Employees wearing uniforms while performing duties that cause damage:

Type of Damage: paint on uniform pieces, grease and other unwashable stains, diesel.

Solution: Employees have access to insulated and non-insulated coveralls in Gear Up! When organizing tasks that are potentially damaging to uniforms require employees to check-out coveralls.


Please help to minimize damage and extend the life of our uniforms by taking an active interest in the appearance of your staff! Our uniforms thank you for it!


Uniform cost for unreturned or damaged uniforms:

Mammut Insulator = $200

Mammut Softshell = $200

Mammut Parka = $600

Mammut Pants= $500

Vest = $250

Banquet Shirt = $45

Polo = $25

Black Jeans = $25

Rain Coat = $200

Woodward Burton Parka = $320

Woodward Burton Tech Hoody = $300

Woodward Burton Pants = $200

How to Find Us

Gear Up! is located in the basement of the EDGE Employee Housing building.

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