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Parking & Transportation

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​​​Shuttle Service Information & Tips

***Buses cannot stop outside of a designated bus stop***

Winter Copper Mountain Shuttle Service Tips 

  • Shuttles run daily 6:00am-10:00pm during the winter season.

  • For a map of Copper Mountain and further details on Copper's bus routes, please visit Here

  • Copper Loop Buses: These buses run a continuous loop from East Village, Center Village, and West Village. Cooper Loop buses never go to the free parking lots. 

    • Only Copper Loop buses stop at Copper Loop bus stops.

      • (i.e. Green Route buses do not stop at the Powder/Chapel stop on its way to West Village.)   

      • (i.e. Blue Route buses do not stop at the Green Acres/Woodward Barn stop.)

  • All Other Routes (Green, Blue, Black, Yellow, & Purple) are express shuttles going back and forth from free parking and their designated drop-off location.   

    • It's easy to remember the Alpine Lot routes:​

      • West Village has mostly beginner terrain, so that's the green route.​

      • Center Village has intermediate terrain, so that's where the blue route drops off. 

      • East Village only has expert terrain, so that's where the black route goes. 

  • All Stops Buses: These buses stop at every Copper bus stop and free parking lot in the early morning and at night.

    • The morning All Stops Buses will run on a continuous loop until approximately 8:00am when all other routes begin service.  

    • The evening All Stops service starts after the free parking lots have started to empty out - anytime between 4:15pm and 5:30pm depending on how busy Copper was that day. 

    • All Stops Buses only service the Far East Lot on days the resort opens that lot to the public. 

***Copper Mountain will host several special events and on those occasions, there may be additional shuttles and/or additional hours of service to accommodate the events.***

Summit Stage

Parking Information & Tips

Employee Parking:

  • EDGE Residents park in the Elevation Lot.  

    • Parking permits are required and can be obtained through the Housing Office.  

    • During the winter, EDGE residents are required to move their vehicle from the Elevation Lot to the Powder Lot every Tuesday and back to Elevation on Wednesdays for plowing purposes.

    • The closest Copper bus stop to the Elevation Lot is "Green Acres/Woodward Barn". Please note: Copper Mountain shuttles do not service the Summit Stage bus stop directly in front of the Woodward Barn. Please cross the street and wait at the westbound Copper Loop stop on the shuttle road.  

    • You can also utilize the Summit Stage to get from Elevation back to the EDGE. The Summit Stage goes by the Athletic Club once an hour at approximately 15 minutes till. Please be sure to wait at the Summit Stage stop on the main road. 

  • Employees/Volunteers that live off-site may park in the following lots:

      • Powder Lot

      • Chapel Lot overflow parking on Wednesdays Only (NOT Cambria Hotel parking lot) 

      • Alpine Lot

      • Far East Lot

    • Parking permits are required and can be obtained through the Employee Experience front desk.  

    • There is a "Powder/Chapel" bus stop serviced by the Copper Loop. 

    • All employee/volunteer parking is first come, first served.

    • Overnight parking is not allowed is not allowed in Powder, Chapel, or Far East. If parking in Alpine overnight, you must pay the overnight fee and ark in the designated overnight parking area. 

    • On busy Saturdays and Sundays, please consider carpooling with coworkers or taking the Summit Stage. If you drive to Copper on these days, give yourself plenty of time to find a parking spot. The Powder Lot fills up quickly on these days so you may end up parking in the Alpine Lot or Far East Lot and will need to shuttle in. 

RV Parking & Camping:

  • Camping is not permitted at Copper Mountain. This is based upon Copper’s Land Use agreement with Summit County Government.

  • Lodging Guests of Copper Mountain may park their RV overnight between the Conoco and Water Treatment Center, however they are not permitted to camp (sleep in their RV).

  • Alternative locations to overnight camp in tents or RV’s are off property such as the Campgrounds in Frisco, Dillon, or Tiger Road RV Park.

  • Special events may occasionally be permitted by Summit County Government for camping. This is an exception to normal operations and requires special permitting.









If you have questions or concerns about parking, please email or call (970)968-3000 ext. 12207. Please leave a message if we are unable to answer your call.

Summit Express

  • Need a ride to/from the airport? Check out the discounts that Summit Express gives to employees!

Did you receive a ticket or warning?

Scan the QR code on the ticket to file a dispute. Feel free to follow up with

Do not ignore your tickets! Tickets are through a third party and will go to a collection agency if ignored.

If there is no QR code, it is just a warning with no fine attached to it. 

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